Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Garden is growing!

The Garden is starting to make leaps and bounds for growing season!

We could use your help!
During the week of June 19-26 I will be on the Adult Mission Trip to Rosebud, South Dakota! The garden will need to watered and tended too! If any of you have a few minutes to hope over to the OCGE and help that would be great!

The past month we were blessed with lots or rain, but now that the plants are starting to produce vegetables, an every-other-day visit will make sure what needs to be harvested can make it from the garden to the Food Center.

Please leave a comment or let us know what you will be available to help with! The dates are as follows and all times should be during the am hours!

Sunday June 20
Tuesday June 22
Thursday June 24
Saturday June 26

Contact Tracy Crews for more info! (314)909-0329

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